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santa santa santa santa santa santa santa santa santa santa santa

Personal Information

• Your real name:

• Your age:

• Your gender:

• Your nationality:

• Your country:

• Your hobbies:

General Information

• Your name in game:

• How long have you been playing in BTTDM's community?:

• How long have you been playing in SA:MP?:

• Versions you play in [3b, 3c, 3d, 3e, 3x, 3z, 0.3.7, ZS, CoD, CnR, Freeroam, TWF] (Can be all):

• Your main version:

• Are you an administrator in any server? If so, which?:

• Type some sentences about your experience in the community (Write as much as you can):

Former Clan(s) Information

• Have you been in any other clans? If so, which ones?:

• Why did you leave your previous clan?:

• When did you leave your previous clan?:

• How long have you been in your previous clan? (In months please):

• Have you been banned or kicked from any clan? If so, why?:

• Have you been a manager of any clan? If so, which one?

Questions related to RoboCop World Fans Club [RCW]

• Why do you want to join in [RCW]?:

• Did anyone invite you in [RCW]?:

• What is the interest thing in [RCW] you find and didn't find in another clan?:

• Why would you leave [RCW]?:

• What sort of contribution could you possibly provide to our clan?:

• Will you be loyal to [RCW]?:

• Do you think that there's something which makes you unique apart our other members in our clan?:

[RCW] Clan Basic Information

• Name if you get accepted in [RCW]:

• Will you join in [RCW] events:

• Will you attend to [RCW] wars in case we do them?:

• Are you ready to defend yourself and [RCW] members if anyone attack?:

• Are you ready to attack users who are on [RCW] attack list:

• Will you keep in secret all our plans and missions?:

• Do you understand our mission in this planet?:

• Are you ready to be trained by [RCW] to be one of the top assassins in the world?:

• Are you going to join in our TeamSpeak channel whenever you need to or to keep it active?:

• Are you going to be active in our topic?:

Skills information

Your dueling skills [1-10]?:

Your c-bug skills [1-10]?:

Your Deagle skills [1-10]?:

Your Sawn-Off skills [1-10]?:

Your M4 skills [1-10]?:

Your Sniper skills [1-10]?:

Your driving skills [1-10]?:

Your activity in game [1-10]?:

Your activity in forum [1-10]?:

Your maturity [1-10]?:


• I promise to be loyal to the Robocop World fans club and to protect each one of our members in case they need our help. I'm also giving my life to this system and I will make sure to do each work they assign to me.

• I promise to attend in [RCW] events and wars, because we're also normal people indeed and we have our rights to have fun.

• I promise to follow [RCW] orders made and assigned by the Boss/Don.

• I promise to respect everyone in [RCW], if they respect me, I am not going to let myself to be insulted in any case but I will be mature and report instead of insulting back, I'm not going to swear nor insulting. My mission is to kill an objective, not to insult him or anyone.

• I promise to be active in game and forum and on [RCW] topic, I promise to keep the activity as I can, doing my best with my fellow partners trying to do the impossible to reach our goals. santa

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